Ever Wonder Just Who You’re Dealing With?

You want someone who knows what it’s like to work here in the Far North, someone who cares about getting tax returns right as much as you care about your business.

You might find someone like that at one of the firms or franchises. After all, they’ve got big premises in all the major cities and the flashy kit.

But do they get your business?

It’s bad enough that you have to get someone to wade through the piles of regulations set by people in Canberra. Why deal with a blow-in from the South who doesn’t understand how local companies operate?

Even the better ones have managers looking over their shoulders, making sure they fit your needs into the company’s boxes – or disappear when the company offers a plum job elsewhere.

One Name. One Agent. Your Agent.

Deena Keith is local. She’s lived and worked in Cairns for most of her life and isn’t about to move away from her home. She knows what your business is going through.

Deena Keith is independent. She doesn’t need a company or franchise looking over her shoulder to provide quality accounting service, because:

Deena Keith is passionate. She started her own business so that she can keep doing what she excels at – making sure you get the tax return you’re entitled to.

Second best isn’t good enough for Deena Keith and it shouldn’t be good enough for your accounting needs.

Looking for a Good Tax Agent in Cairns? You’ve Found Her.